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OxyGuard has 35 years of experience supporting various scale projects worldwide.

Choosing the correct measuring, monitoring, and control system are equally important as designing the functional facility layout. Therefore, to safeguard your investment, it is crucial to choose an experienced and trustworthy equipment supplier. OxyGuard specializes in supplying equipment for various scale projects in a variety of ownership options.  We would love to help you too!


We offer direct web sales services through our OxyGuard North America online store. Here you can find all of our product offerings, as well as self-maintenance kits, repair, and replacement options.


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Build/ Own/ Operate

We offer direct consultation services if you have any questions or would like any support in building your own OxyGuard system. We offer products that will fit into your existing needs and structure. If you are interested in a complete solution and system design, we would be happy to help you!


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At OxyGuard, we are constantly improving our products, and their connectivity. We offer a monitoring App that is compatible with both Windows, and Mac. Through our Web App, you can monitor your systems live wherever you are. Our cloud-based system, Cobalia, is a total system control solution that enables you to live monitor as well as design and optimize your systems.

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