Maintaining Your Equipment


OxyGuard equipment is made to last a long time and should function trouble free with timely and proper maintenance.

A message in the equipment display will notify you when probe renovation is needed, otherwise just calibrate, and keep the probe clean. We have helpful video guides below on how to maintain your hand-held equipment.

We also offer additional accessories to protect your probes, clean your membranes, and probe holders to protect your cable connections.


Probe Integrated Membrane Protector

Membrane cap for stationary probe with integrated membrane protector

This is an add-on item for any of our stationary DO probes.

OxyClean Probe Cleaner

The OxyGuard OxyClean is a small attachment that uses compressed air. A blast of air for a few seconds is enough to clean deposits from the membrane.

Anti-Fouling Cap

The OxyGuard Anti-fouling Cap is a cap made from a specially developed alloy that inhibits growth on the membrane of OxyGuard Standard Probes, especially probes used in sea water.

DAT Probe Holder

The DAT Probe Holder is ideal for many uses. It is useful for easy access to probes, stabilizing probes in volatile water, grouping cables, etc. It is made of PVC and can be made to order in custom lengths.


Maintaining Your Hand-Held Equipment


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