Pacific Systems

Unsurpassed overview and security – Total Control of oxygen injection, heating, pumping – everything! There are special programs for feed control, lighting control, etc. Pacific systems are easy and intuitive to set up and operate – both for daily production needs and strategic operations/data capture. We offer a range of units for easy system construction; just add a unit anywhere, anytime, for more measurement and control. Only a single data cable for all signals right up to the point of measurement, and a variety of input/output choices to fit your specific parameters.

We offer help to build your own customized system, free of any charge, so that your system comes to you pre-programmed and production ready.

To design your own Pacific control system, you always start with the Main Module. The main module provides the on-site display interface to the entire system and can work as a stand-alone monitoring and control unit with 6 probes and 6 on/off inputs or outputs  and 6 output relays.

The system can then be extended without any limits- by adding additional Probe modules, I/O Modules, Combi Modules and Analogue Modules for 4-20mA. We even offer an SMS module for communication alarms, etc. via text message to the Plant Operative or Supervisor for timely intervention and response to alarm situations. Pacific Main module controlled systems are Plug-and-Play expandable with common RJ45 Ethernet cables and will auto-recognize any new module and auto-configure the expansion of the measuring/control loop.

Other Pacific loops can be brought together in a larger Monitoring /Control loop by connecting them to the Pacific Commander Module; facilitating communication and data sharing between the Pacific loops. The Commander platform is web-compatible for online management including a mobile phone interface. It connects seamlessly (like the Pacific Modules) to our Cloud data capture and storage solution, COBALIA, that also captures data from our handheld/Handy measuring units into one place. 

Examples of the aforementioned systems are featured below.


Pacific Main Module

Pacific is a measuring, monitoring and control system designed for use in fish farms. It is both multi-channel and multi-parameter, and forms a modular small size complete system. A member of the Commander series of equipment, it can be used both as a stand-alone system or as a part of a larger Commander Pacific system.

- Up to 20 probes: wired, wireless
- Combination of relays and digital inputs/outputs (up tp 30 of each)
- P-NET, API – Interface, TCP/Modbus, TCP/IP, USB
- Built-in data logger
- Touch-screen


Pacific - Combi Module

- 4 analogue probes
- 2 (0) digital probes*
- 6 on/off inputs and/or outputs
- 6 output relays

Digital probes: DO optical, Salinity, TGP, O3
Analogue probes: DO, PH, Redox (ORP), CO2 , Temp

Pacific - I/O Module

Pacific Digital I/O Unit with on/off inputs or outputs and relays

-2 digital probes

-8 on/off (inputs, outputs or a combination)

Pacific - Probe Module

Pacific Probe Unit for 8 Probes, with 1 relay

Pacific SMS Add-On Module

This is an add-on unit that you can put in with a connector. This module sends you a text when there's an alarm.

Pacific- Probes

In order to make the new probes more robust, accurate and stable, we are building them on entirely new technology. Every probe comes with a unique serial number for traceability.

Pacific - Commander

Commander Pacific systems are process control systems that can be made to any practical size and can monitor and control everything on the fish farm!

Pacific - Web / App Interface

OxyGuard’s new web interface software makes Pacific systems more versatile and even easier to use. The new Web Interface software makes it very easy to access a Pacific. The owner of a small farm can use any local computer or even smartphone anytime, anywhere to assure himself that all is well. Large installations can be divided into sections, so that staff “on the ground” can know when something nearby needs attention.

Pacific - Convoy

Pacific Convoy system is a system designed to control, monitor and record the dissolved oxygen of tanks in vehicles or boats used for transporting living fish. Pacific Convoy is very versatile and is individually customized to fit your needs.


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