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Oxygen Sensor - Standard Dissolved Oxygen Probe (D0223-D0243)

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The OxyGuard Standard Probe – the probe that revolutionized oxygen monitoring.

The probe that you can purchase today is even better than the probe introduced in 1987 that helped revolutionize fish farming and make modern aquaculture the industry it is today.Today’s OxyGuard Standard Probe is hermetically sealed. If needed you can open it to replace the membrane and renovate it completely, but this should not be needed for many years.

The measurement stability of the OxyGuard Standard Probe is also very high indeed. A probe measuring in air will maintain accuracy even when subjected to a sudden 20 degree celcius temperature change. The sensitivity of a probe measuring in clean air at room temperature will remain the same for at least 3 years. This proves that the OxyGuard probe is not, like some other probes, affected by “aging”.

OxyGuard believe that the OxyGuard Standard probe is more accurate, needs less attention and maintenance and has a lower total cost of ownership than any other oxygen or dissolved oxygen probe offered to the aquaculture industry today.

*Accessories are shipped with every OxyGuard probe. You will thus be able to change the membrane if you manage to damage it during installation. Otherwise the accessories can be enough for up to 5 years’ use.


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