System Integration & Control

We offer standalone solutions as well as complete systems design and consultation.


Control Systems

Our multi-channel, multiparameter systems are modular and compatible with non-OxyGuard equipment. 

Our systems are compatible with any probe with 4-20 mA input, making integrating your existing systems easy.

We can offer you a system of any size; from small-scale systems control using our Marlin unit to a multi-channel systems control using a custom Pacific unit.

Our systems come with a web-interface as well as cloud compatibility.



OxyGuard is pleased to offer a game-changing cloud-based aquaculture management platform, Cobália. It is  co-created involving end-users and relevant stakeholders to create an intuitive digital interface for our clients.

-Collect all your production data

-Eliminate the paperwork

-Remote system control

-24/7 updates from your cell phone or desktop

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