OxyGuard NA

OxyGuard North America is a newly founded branch of OxyGuard International now committed to focused services to our customers in North America. We are excited to be able to connect with our customers within new timezones. Give us a call, or send us an email!

OxyGuard Inc.
50 Green Village Rd-Suite B31
Madison NJ, 07940
United States
Web: www.oxyguard.us
Email: cwi@oxyguard.com
Tel:     +1 973-400-8026
Fax:    +1 973 520 8959

OxyGuard HQ

OxyGuard was founded with the primary objective to create equipment that would provide users with exactly the equipment they needed. The first oxygen probe leaving the OxyGuard facility introduced a new standard in aquaculture. The probe was reliable, accurate, hardwearing, easy-to-use, and had an extensive longevity compared to all other equipment on the market. Equally important, it was affordable for even the small fish farmers! Soon we had the leading position on the world market, a position we continue to hold.

OxyGuard International A/S

Farum Gydevej 64 
3520 Farum 
Web: www.oxyguard.dk
Email: oxyguard@oxyguard.dk
Tel:     +45 4582 2094


OxyGuard Worldwide

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