Who We Are

In 1987, we introduced the first waterproof oxygen meter for use in aquaculture. The meter completely overtook the market, and OxyGuard succeeded in a very basic way where others before us had failed. We meet the needs of the customers.

OxyGuard was founded with the primary objective to create equipment that would provide users with exactly the equipment they needed. The first oxygen probe leaving the OxyGuard facility introduced a new standard in aquaculture. The probe was reliable, accurate, hardwearing, easy-to-use, and had an extensive longevity compared to all other equipment on the market. Equally important, it was affordable for even the small fish farmers! Soon we had the leading position on the world market, a position we continue to hold.

Since then, the aquaculture sector has grown from small manually handled fish farms to a worldwide industry. We have continued to deliver state-of-the-art equipment that meets the new and changing needs in the sector. Whether you need a handheld meter or a total process and control system, OxyGuard can provide it. While we focus on aquaculture, other branches also gain from using OxyGuard equipment, including nuclear power plants, the military, environmental sciences, and on one occasion, even NASA.

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