Stationary Systems

OxyGuard’s Stationary systems are designed to be used with our full line of probes. Our systems allow measurement, monitoring and control of dissolved oxygen (DO), pure oxygen, CO2, ozone, temperature, pH and redox. All of OxyGuard’s unique experience and expertise in providing measuring, monitoring and control of these parameters has been put into making the best Stationary Systems on the market.

Pacific Modular System

Our Pacific Modular system is a modular control system that can be built to accommodate any system. The Pacific line has different model options that can be combined to fit your specific needs. This system is compatible with our Online Web App as well as Cobalia, our cloud-based control system. We would be happy to schedule a consultation to find the best combination of the Pacific Modular system equipment that works for you.



Marlin is a single-channel measurement transmitter instrument explicitly designed for use in aquaculture. One of the critical advantages of Marlin is its water resistance, which means it can be used in various wet environments without fear of damage.



The OxyGuard Atlantic  is an accurate, reliable and easy to use oxygen meter with features ideal for use in aquaculture facilities such as shrimp farms, carp farms and other installations with individual, large ponds.




The OxyGuard D205 Display is a local indicator for 4-20mA current loop signals. It is factory calibrated, and is easily set up by choosing from a list of the most common parameters and ranges.


CO2 Stationary

The OxyGuard CO2 is a reliable and easy to use instrument that measures the free dissolved carbon dioxide concentration directly in the water. The CO2 concentration is shown on the display, and there is an analogue output.


Pond Master

Pond Master is specifically designed for monitoring and control of oxygen levels in aquaculture facilities such as shrimp farms, carp farms, and other installations with individual ponds.


pH Manta

The OxyGuard pH Manta is a single channel pH measurement transmitter with a 4-20 mA analogue output (0-20 mA on request). The unit is a simple, accurate and very rugged pH measurement unit intended for function as a primary measurement device in fish farms and similar, but it is also ideal in industrial or other control and monitoring systems that require a simple pH measurement.


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