Scientific & Research

Water and Aquaculture research is a dynamic field that is increasingly important and quickly expanding.


Many research facilities require precise water testing to control parameters and ensure high quality results.

A number of factors can affect research and 24/7 data collection and monitoring.

We offer complete control system solutions that can be monitored and adjusted through a web-app, anywhere.

For in-person testing, we offer a range of hand-held measuring probes for a number of important factors, like dissolved oxygen.


We have worked with the international scientific community for 40+ years


During that time we have developed developed and manufactured many customized and specialized probes and individual solutions.

If you don’t see something you need, please ask!

We have developed many customized probes and solutions for various applications.

As a small dynamic company, we have many in-house experts and a comprehensive understanding of the physics and chemical principles for accurate and robust measurements crucial to research.

Please ask for us to work with your specialized application- the likelihood is high that we have prior experience or adjacent experience to provide a complete solution.

We have an expanding array of products and solutions for measuring and controlling water parameters.


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