Water Parks & Swimming Pools

Amusement parks attract many people and therefore consistent water quality has become a challenge for water quality operators.

Since the complete replacement of such a large volume of water with clean from the distribution system is not economically feasible, water is often recirculated. It is very important to test and maintain water quality.


We offer a range of measuring devices and control systems depending on the size of your park or swimming pool.


For onsite testing, our Hand-held Probes are long-lasting and easy to use.

For larger pool systems and water-parks, our Control Systems are modular, intuitive, and remotely accessible with Cobaliá, our cloud-based management system.


Water quality in pools should be within a specific range in order to achieve crystal clear disinfected water, free from microorganisms and chlorine disinfection by-products.

Disinfection alternatives such as UV light and ozone are widely used in both aquariums and amusement parks.

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